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Why Choose Zeta

Zeta Publishing is the company you’ve been looking for to provide the book publishing services and marketing solutions you’ve always dreamed of as an aspiring author.

With our wide selection of packages and services, you can fully customize your self-publishing experience. Whether you’re looking to publish your book in classic black and white or vibrant, full-scale color, paperback or hardback, we can help. In fact, our team of publishing professionals will be there to guide you every step of the way.

With headquarters in Ocala, Florida, Zeta Publishing offers customized book publishing, ebook creation, website design, book trailers, marketing packages and so much more. We offer everything needed for today’s aspiring authors along with exceptional customer service.

What sets Zeta Publishing apart from its many online competitors is the personal service and assistance you’ll receive during every step of the process. Company representatives are always available to answer any questions, offer guidance and advice, and even meet with you at our offices.

If you’ve written a book and always dreamed of becoming a published author, Zeta Publishing can help you. We have in-house designers that will create great cover options for you to choose from. Our professional editing staff can help with the proofing and editing of your manuscript.

Give us a call so that we can turn your imagination into reality.