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us copyrights

Registering your book with the U.S. Copyright Office gives you a public record of ownership. Zeta Publishing will complete and submit the required paperwork  to the U.S. Copyright Office along with a copy of your book. You will receive an official certificate for verification.

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Want your book translated into a foreign language? This can increase the exposure of your book in different markets throughout the world. With our translation services, Zeta Publishing can translate your book into different languages and prepare it for distribution to various markets.

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royalty program

Zeta Publishing’s Royalty Program gives authors like you the power to set a competitive price for your book and receive 100 percent of the proceeds.  This gives self-published authors complete control of pricing and profits of your book, no matter where it is sold, for a three year period.  Take exclusive control of your book today with this great approach to self-publishing.

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bookstore returnability

Our new Bookstore Returnability program removes one of the common obstacles for self-published authors. This programs makes your books returnable, making your work more attractive to booksellers across the country and increasing its availability. Choose from one or two year terms.

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Manuscripts can sometimes need attention that goes beyond the basic spelling, grammar and punctuation issues. We have experienced editors on staff that can take a more detailed look at your book’s content, examining the pace and plot as well as its accuracy and consistency. 

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