Publishing Guide

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Publishing Process



After deciding which package is best for the author, the author will receive an order form giving authorization to Zeta Publishing to process the said order or requests.



The author submits his or her work to Zeta Publishing in MS Word document in digital format for efficient processing and ease.


Design & Editing

The author will receive proofs for review of his or her manuscript cover and interior format. If author choose to avail the editing services with us, this is the time to review the edited part of the manuscript.


Digital Preview

The author will review the format of the digital presentation of the book. Any changes and corrections will be accommodated until author is satisfied with the result.



The author signs the approval form for final printing.

What to expect


Once Zeta Publishing receive a book to publish, it goes to the process of planning to get the book on the market.


Zeta Publishing offers professionally designed ready for market distribution.

Art Illustration

Zeta Publishing offers art directors to work with illustrations and images in books.

Distribution and Selling

Zeta Publishing have relationships with warehouse operators, bookstore chains and online store. Have sales people ready to sell and distribute books.

Marketing and Promoting

Zeta Publishing has marketing teams that send out review copies and create promotional items worldwide.

Recommended Packages

Gold and Platinum for ultimate experience.