Rocks, Logs and Concrete Blocks

Author: A.J. Lennox

Rocks, Logs and Concrete Blocks presented in fractionally fictionalized form traces four generations of the author’s family beginning with the latter 19th century. Requisite changes of some names and geographic locations have been made in the interest of protecting identity, innocence and/or guilt of persons living and/or deceased. Certain more painful events are purposely omitted; however, all events herein described occurred in the life of the author, a/k/a Ariel as they are set forth; not masked in political correctness or politeness.


Ellis Island, Gateway to America, was that door to opportunity for all four of Ariel’s Grandparents. They left familiar Swedish homes and communities, families and native language to carve out new lives in the new land; traveled to Minnesota, found employment and met spouses.


Under somewhat unusual circumstances in Minneapolis the sole surviving son of one and a daughter of the other met, whereupon Ariel’s tale began.


That Ariel’s birth parents both suffered mental illnesses was irrefutable:

One diagnosed, committed, released, controlled, the other devoid of professional evaluation, albeit behaviorally evidenced.


From earliest memory, guarded secrets, hidden whispers, ghost-wisps of reference, vague hints, silent questions perplexed the isolated, solitary child. She was to remain in the background, not seek attention, speak quietly and most of all, infrequently. Rationale for the insulation from peers was never clarified; just the norm.


Was there some deep unrevealable mystery lurking somewhere? Or, were adults in her life just different?


Did answers to family secrets, some perhaps generations old, exist?


Would she ever achieve any degree of emotional strength or confidence, financial security, personal freedom, or … find love? What was love anyway? Ariel was ignorant of that emotion in every possible manner.


What if fear and dread come to be clearly identified, and choice is reduced to flee or die?


                                                  Flight could allow survival, or not.

                        Trust is required. Can trust be placed in any human? In God maybe?

                                         What happens when love discovered, is taken?

                                                         Can joy be found again?

                                                                      Even love?

ISBN:  978-1-947191-58-7

Weight: 24 ounce

Dimension: 6 x 1.1 x 9 inches


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