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John B Holway's Blackball Stars won the coveted Casey award as best baseball book of 1989. Blackball Stars is a wonderful collection of profiles and itself a fair history of the Negro Leagues. The Washington Post. This is more than a collection of baseball biographies. Its strength is Holway's ability to recreate the aura of this time through colorful anecdotes and player reminiscences. San Francisco Chronicle on Voices From the Great Black Baseball Leagues. John Holway's statistics prove the greatness of the Negro League players. Now, we can truly call baseball the National Pastime." Ken Burns on The Complete Book of the Negro Leagues Holway, one of the deans of black baseball history, provides the most complete statistical study yet of the game's segregated half, the obvious by-product of painstaking research. Library Journal on The Complete Book of the Negro Leagues. The Complete Book of the Negro Leagues is a compelling story and a must-read for all baseball fans. Allan 'Bud' Selig, Commissioner of baseball. Holway is the granddaddy of researchers on black baseball. Even other authorities will learn something on each page of The Complete Book of the Negro Leagues, a must-read for every student and historian. Robert Peterson, author of Only the Ball Was White. This book is a culmination of three decades of dedicated research by the man who knows more about Negro baseball history than any writer ever. Royce "Crash" Parr, author of Glory Days of Summer . Blackball Tales, Holway's third series of oral compilations, relates the joys, travails, and aspirations of members of the Negro Leagues. Holway has done as much as anyone to chronicle the story of segregated baseball. Highly recommended for general libraries. Library Journal.

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Captain John A. Moktadier

Captain John A. Moktadier graduated and received his Bachelor's Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. He has been flying for the past 35 years and currently holds both a Gold Seal Flight Instructor and Advanced Ground Instructor licenses from the FAA. Capt. Moktadier has four type ratings which include: Airbus 330, Airbus 320, Boeing 747 and Boeing 727. He has logged over 24,000 hours flight time with the majority of his hours in jet transport and wide body aircraft.

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He has flown around the world. Captain Moktadier served as a Boeing 727 Check Airman (TRE) and conducted rating rides, proficiency checks, instructions and simulator checks and line checks for over 10 years with a commercial airline in the United States. He has trained hundreds of pilots with no failures and well above average results. The pilots he has trained have lots of respect for Capt. Moktadier's knowledge and his training style made them feel relaxed during the entire simulator session maximizing their learning due to his teaching ability, honesty and integrity. They have all commented that he is a true professional instructor and TRE. This is his second book that he has published. The first one was Boeing 727 Flight Master which received many outstanding and excellent reviews and positive feedback from the professionals in the airline industry who read the book and it soon became one of the best training books on a Boeing 727.

Isabel M. Pena

When Amanda Muse started junior high in a new school far from home, she met Mildred Riley. Mildred was a known bully who targeted Amanda from day one. This is a story of how a freak accident made a bully and her victim become the best of friends.


Peggy W. Fellouris

The novel tells the story of two fine individuals, Lily and Michael coming from completely different back grounds. Lily was born into the privileged class where Michael came from a very moderate home. Regardless of a position in society they endured their many trials and tribulations and yet succeeding in business and society as well as love. Each were told of their forthcoming love and neither went seeking it. It seemed to find them. The story speaks to the eleventh law of Karma, The law of Patience and Reward.