Choosing the Right Way: Revised Edition

Evangelist Emmanuel Asante is an apologist and a Christ ambassador to all nations who has written two books: "Choosing The Right way" and "Prayer of Jabez." He was considered by soccer fans as "Goalking" during his soccer heydays due to his goal scoring capabilities. He was a Christian who had lived in a Muslim community for a very long time and almost got converted to become a Muslim but had to turn back to his Christian faith after he had an encounter with the Good Lord in his dream. Having reached his crossroads at this point in his life, thus, pondering over what religion to follow, one night he had a dream, and in this dream he heard a song entitled "Trust and Obey." Suddenly, he saw a great light from the skies with someone standing beside a well. After this, experience, he shared his testimony with some believers in his community and he explained to them how the song had conveyed a message to change his life. Therefore, he empowered those people to trust Jesus Christ only because there is no other way. He then became a member of "Christomus" lead by a Muslim converted Christian, a renowned Evangelist Rockeybell Adatura to share Christ with Muslims through dialogue programs and debate forums. In those days, he became a Sunday school teacher and an area Pastor with the Resurrection Power Evangelistic Ministries[Ghana] under the leadership of the late Evangelist, Francis Akwasi Amoako. Currently, he is an anointed man of God with the Resurrection Power Living Bread Ministries International[USA] under the leadership of Archbishop Akwasi Asare Bediako. He also attended Morris Cerullo School of Ministry held in Ghana. Besides having an apostolic ministry, he is also a soccer coach and sports analyst who has developed interest in research works. In addition to his academic qualifications, he has many certificates in religious studies as well. He is married to Gina and they are blessed with a son, Isaac, and two daughters Linda and Rita Asante. He originally comes from Ghana but currently lives in the United States of America.

ISBN: 978-1947191327

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