The Honey Bubble

This book is at once very funny, genuinely frightening, elegantly crafted, and boasts one of the most truly frightening villains I have ever encountered in print or film. 

— Rodney Deming, screenwriter

The Honey Bubble takes us down into the forgotten, decomposing, inner-city Los Angeles neighborhoods most of us pass over on elevated freeways, and into the threadbare, desperate lives of the denizens there. 

Three owners of borderline skid-row gin mills hatch a dingbat scheme to bolster their revenues by, what else? -- murdering the competition. The Competition is the only decent guy around, it seems; the honest owner/operator of the only watering hole in the area where you wouldn’t even trust the ice. 

The three co-conspirators, no master criminals to begin with, set off a series of Rube Goldberg missteps and quickly begin to be devoured by their own scheme.

When the intended victim’s bodyguard gets wind of the plot, the whole landscape darkens, and the second half of the novel becomes an accelerating, cinematic slide into a truly demonic and violent denouement, and a life-or-death climax you will never see coming.

George Putnam studied piano and music composition at Cal State University at San Bernardino and U.C. Riverside. In addition to teaching a master class for piano students at the University of Redlands, he composed Symphony for Twenty Minutes as his master’s thesis at U.C.R. 

Hoping to write music for film and TV, he moved to Los Angeles. While browsing in book stores there, he discovered the works of mystery writer Raymond Chandler. Devouring the author’s books and short stories caused Putnam to change his interest from music to screenwriting and novels. 

He wrote the feature films Unlawful Entry (with John Katchmer) and To Kill For, episodes for NYPD Blue and Deadwood, the crime novel The Honey Bubble, the historical fiction novel, Redfish Oak (with Jewel Grutman), the psychological thriller Mafisto, Demon Artist, and the children’s book, Soles, the Quest for Feet (with Diana Bosna). He is also a published ghost writer. 

George lives in Los Angeles. 

Weight: 24 ounce

Dimension: 6 x 1 x 9 inches


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